Smart, inventive advertising
fuels your bottom line

We undergo rapid research, testing, and iteration to deploy deeply effective ads that
accelerate your brand. Our ongoing goal is simple: put your best branded content in front of
people ready to engage with you.

Why DeltaSift?

a budget that multiplies

Our team of analysts work hand-in-hand with our creatives to develop branded content that gets people excited. We’re not just here to get your content seen; if you wanted that, you could buy clicks. Instead, we want to make your business understood. When your audience views content that helps them fully understand your value, they become ready to engage, ready to purchase, and ready to become loyal fans.

Always fighting for your next customer

At DeltaSift, the best of data science inspires our creative team to think deeply about what drives each buyer in your audience. From those insights we create exceptional ads, learn from their performance, and adjusting strategies for the next wave. With every iteration of this process, our learning, analysis, and execution becomes stronger and more money pours into your accounts.

What you get

Decisive media buying

Every time we scroll by a video with half a million views and half a dozen likes, we see an ad that didn’t help the brand or the consumer. We don’t want your ads to be far-reaching - they need to be smart-reaching. Our deeply informed and seasoned media buying team ensures that your ads will be discovered by a lot of people, but the right people - consumers most likely to give you money.

Adaptable campaign scaling

We’re here to build a system that you’ll always want to put more money into, because you keep getting overflowing returns. We start with the budget you are comfortable at, then use informed, aggressive campaign scaling to eliminate wasted dollars and fuel winning campaigns with increasing budgets justified by even bigger returns.

Ads that ignite engagement

With your existing brand assets and content from our creative team, we produce a variety of ads that test a wide range of audiences. Images, animations, videos, and articles are all rapidly deployed to activate key audiences and the best angles are continuously redeployed to maintain a high level of returns.

Constant analytics

A steady stream of research and analysis pulls to-the-minute data that informs changes to an ad up to its launch. As an ad runs we learn from engagement to determine the most successful strategies and why they worked. Insights from every ad is then combined with ongoing audience research to continuously deepen our understanding of your ideal customer.

Powerful growth hacking

Educated experimentation unlocks new opportunities for growth, such as activating an unlikely audience or running an outside-the-box concept that resonates with your base. Our foundation in technology enables us to quickly evaluate results and respond, halting strategies that are ineffective and integrating ideas that ignite further growth.

How Growth Marketing fits into the SmartSift process

We create impactful, digestible ads and deploy them to the highest-value audiences. As we achieve the primary goal of driving traffic to your website, we also pursue growth opportunities: testing, learning, and implementing new ideas that will make more ads engage, more visitors convert, and more revenue flow into your pockets.